Karlyn Michelson


Time.com (2007-present)
Freelance Video Journalist; videos include:
– Your Bill of Rights (ten-part series)
– From Germans to Jihadists: Fear and Paranoia
 in America
– The Turf War in Kirkuk
– Bridging the Divide in Baghdad
– Ramadi: Iraq’s Sheiks Discover Democracy
– Worms in the City: Apartment Composting
– Hits, Runs, and Hip Replacements: Senior
– Oil Spill by the Numbers
– Michelle Rhee: Can She Save Our Schools?
– Obama’s Chicago

Complex Magazine (2008)
Senior Video Producer, online video content
– Responsible for production and roll-out of all video segments on Complex Magazine’s web site.


Nike (2008-2011)
“Here I am” campaign; 14 spots (2-3min)
“Battle of the Boroughs”; 4 spots (:60 sec)

MoveOn.org (2004)
“How Many More?” (:30)

Today’s Feature (2004)
– Breathe (:30)
– Jack’s Story (:30)
– Make it Right (:30)
– Hopping Mad (:30)

Sundance Channel (2003)
– Sundancing Birds (:15)
– Watching the Water (:15)
– Move, Move, Move (:15)

Oxygen Network (2002-2003)
Various trailers, promos, and bumpers

Music Video/Art

Amos Poe (2004)
Transcendental Blues; Steve Earle (editor; 4:13)

Picture Start Films (2003-2006)
– U Tango (editor; 11 min)
– Steelwork (editor; 56 min)
– Zomboid (editor; 82 min)
– Panic! (editor; 75 min)


Pale Runner Productions (2010-present)
Youth Court (Producer; 30 min)

This short documentary follows the lives of three Brooklyn teenagers involved in an innovative juvenile criminal court in Red Hook, Brooklyn (currently in post-production)

PBS/Two Cats Productions (2007)
Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century (editor; 60 min)
In the context of its historical, religious and political underpinnings, Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence examines how and why anti-Semitism continues to flourish today.

* Winner, CINE Golden Eagle

Titan Frog Productions (2003-2009)
8: Ivy League Football and America (editor; 90 min)
8: Ivy League Football and America delves into the unique role that the Ivy League schools played in developing American football.


A Cantor’s Tale (editor; 90 min)

This feature-length documentary explores the American roots, traditions, and future of Jewish liturgical music through the life story of Cantor Jack Mendelson.
* Winner of six awards, including: Best Documentary, World Eye Jewish Film Festival (Tel Aviv), co-sponsored by the Steven Spielberg Film Archive; Best Documentary, Audience Award, Toronto Jewish Film Festival; Best Documentary, Audience Award, Washington D.C. Jewish Film Festival

National Geographic/GoShow Entertainment (2005)
Up Under the Big Top (editor; 30 min)
Entering the lives of the performers and staff of a traveling circus, Up Under the Big Top explores what it’s like to run away with the circus.
* Winner, Gold Aurora Award: Cultural Documentaries

Silent Voices (post-producer and editor; 15 min)
Silent Voices examines the plight of abused and neglected children in the custody of America’s failing child welfare system.

Rain Productions (2007-2008)
Higher Fences (editor; 50 min)
Visiting his childhood home in Poland and the places of his imprisonment, Holocaust survivor Martin Schiller and his son Marc confront the memories, prejudices and fears that Poland represents for Martin and his family.